Thursday, 19 September 2013

StarGazer Eyeshadow in Strawberry Ice

StarGazer is a UK make-up brand specifically targeting those in all kinds of alternative styles that dare to be different at a budget price. I can always remember StarGazer and wouldn't be anywhere without my white pressed and loose face powders.

Strawberry Ice- A ridiculously pigmented strawberry deep hot pink with delicate micro sparkles. This shadow applies smoothly and is intense in one swatch. 

As with strikingly bright bold eyeshadows especially pinks and a few red, they're prone to staining your lids a little but as soon as you wear your next lot of fresh makeup (bearing in mind that you use a non hot/red pink shadow) and wash it off again, it's always gone. It doesn't really bother me though and I would definitely repurchase. I'm very impressed, the colour payoff is outstanding. 

I paid £3.73 for this on Ebay

Purchased at Ebay


  1. Wow, that is some serious pigmentation! Definitely one to add to my ever expanding Star Gazer wishlist.


  2. woah! that's very opaque! super duper pigmented! nice find ^_^
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  3. that's beautiful!! the colour is so intense!

  4. Such a gorgeous color , so pigmented !
    I think this would be great as an eyeliner too !

  5. Цветът е страхотен! Поздрави за статията :)