Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Collection Lasting Colour Lipstick in 5 Passionfruit

My camera seemed to pick up some major brightness in this Collection (2000) lipstick. I've seen other reviews/pictures of this lipstick and the shade wasn't so bright at all. I can tell you that it's bright on me, maybe my camera may of intensified it a bit. The brightness does clash with my pale skin and I love this shade. 

Passionfruit- A cream bold red coral with little pink in the undertones and a tiny hint of sparkle.

Comes in shiny black plastic casing with their logo in metallic pink.

This  lipstick is very creamy and super pigmented, as it's creamy I find it can move around the lips a little bit and of course you will see loads on your cup. If the lipstick had a little adhesion to it or was slightly drier I think it would be better, especially for a bold colour like this one. Blotting this lipstick down can help also and will bring out more of the sparkles. There's a faint artificial strawberry scent I'm not too keen on but it's not too overpowering, I do however prefer the scent in their old lipsticks which smelt like sherbet. 

Comes with SPF15.

RRP £2.99

Purchased at Boots

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