Thursday, 23 May 2013

Holika Holika Heart Full Glossy Lipstick in PK124 Smoky Pink

Holika Holika (Korean brand) Heart Full Glossy Lipstick come in currently 7 shades from what I know.
Tiny they are but still come with a 3.5g of product, they are smaller in size even to Etude House lipsticks which to me are sort of relatively small in my opinion (I have a comparison picture as you scroll down).
The lipsticks are housed in tin like casing and are very lightweight but feel of superior quality and plus way too cute design with attention to outer packaging as well as the actual heart shaped bullet.

Smoky Pink- Is a pale smoky mauve toned pink, very slight silvery micro iridescent sparkles to it. Applies semi-sheer with easy builadable pigmentation.

I find the texture to be lightweight, silky and lightly balmy with a subtle fresh fruit scent. To me it isn't the most glossiest lipstick in the world but it does have a powerful sheen. Lasting power is hardly up to an hour but this wears off evenly and you're left with smooth lips. 

RRP is around £5.45 and is truly a gorgeous addition to any lipstick collection. 

^Colour is more accurate top

Purchased at Ebay

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

B. Precise Gel Eyeliner 24hr Wear in 100 Black

B. Is a fairly new range of makeup and skincare at Superdrug (Larger stores and online).

B. Precise Gel Eyeliner comes in just 2 shades the other one being a brown. The liner is housed in a small glass jar with a grey plastic lid and eyeliner brush. I think the jar opening is quite narrow compared to the other gel liners I have. I much prefer this style of gel liner compared to the all -in-ones that have the secret brush slotted on top of the lid. As for the free brush, it is of a descent quality but I find it too narrow at the tip for my liking. I'll imagine I could quickly get used it as I use it more.

100 Black- Is a black black but it has a very matte finish which in my opinion is rare in a gel liner as they have a sort of a lacquered finish (I prefer a lacquered finish). Despite this the texture doesn't feel 'matte' at all and is extremely creamy and glides on the skin. While I cannot comment on the 24hr wear, It does indeed 'wear' very well. This eyeliner lasted all day without a smear till I removed my makeup.

RRP £6.99

Purchased at Superdrug

Monday, 6 May 2013

Collection Bedazzled (Glitter) Palette

Collection (Formerly 'Collection 2000' I Still can't stop saying the '2000' part) have named this the 'Special Glitter Edition' all nine shades are meant to be loaded with glitter. While the majority of them are packed with chunky glitters there are a few with it just being a little overlay to reveal an average frosty eyeshadow. Each of the shadows are the size of a 1 penny coin.

There are of course some shades that absolute duds that need more work to build up pigmentation. Generally a lot of good pigmented colours in there and it seems to be going slightly in order with my swatches on how pigmented they are. 

As for the glitter it's quite chunky and surprisingly not as gritty in texture as I immediately thought. However you will need quite a creamy base for the glitters to adhere, as they will just leave you lids and cause fall out.
(As you can see when you scroll down I didn't use any base for my swatches)

 RRP £4.49

Purchased at Boots