Friday, 19 April 2013

George Satin Soft Eye Pencil in 06 Bewitched

George have labelled this as just a 'pencil' which could be misleading to some as this a twist up 'mechanical pencil' although once you've picked it up you'll probably know this anyway from the feel. 

George Satin Soft Eye Pencil comes in plain shiny black plastic packaging with a different coloured bottom tip which reflects the colour of the shade you are buying. I think all pencils should have something like this as it's easy to just grab the colour you want without fiddling around especially if you store all your pencils in a jar. The eye liner is quite short in size and has a sharpener located where on coloured end for sharpening the tip. 

Bewitched- A medium lavender pink which has a slight pearl to it. I find the texture not really that creamy but not stiff either and applies nicely without it feeling like it's going to snap. As for the pigmentation it's probably average but the colour is even and can be easily built up depending how lightly you apply it. For the wear it lasted all day for me so I cannot complain. 

RRP £2.75

Purchased at Asda

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