Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Vampiress Beauty Randomness 40

Primark Glitter Eye Liner- No name, comes in a fancy box and got this half price at 50p. It's a nice solid pigmented liner with a silver base and compacted with glitter, just it has funny smell which reminds me of PVA glue..not really strong but still a little weird.

Xplode Gloss & Shine Lipstick in E84402 - What a name right? Apparently these were made by Wet 'N Wild but there is no mention of the name on the packaging or the company. It's a beautiful semi-sheer glossy pink red. Glides on and isn't patchy. Kind of smells a little papery and doesn't last long. At 99p I can't complain and there's many bright and bold shades to choose from here

Xplode Lipliner Pencil in E84601 - A deep red cherry pink, that's bursting with pigmentation. This liner melts into your lips giving even you high even colour without drying the lips out, you could easily get away with using this as a lip colour as it really does look juicy without being crepey dry. 75p a total bargain and it's way longer than the average lip pencil from here.

Jesse's Girl Kohl Formula Lipliner in Hotlanta- A gorgeous hot pink with tiny pieces of red glitter. As with their eyeliner pencils their formula is pigmented and creamy. At 75p here you can't go wrong.

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