Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Jesse's Girl Kohl Formula Eyeliner Pencils

Jesse's Girl is a budget makeup line in the USA. I luckily came across these pencils on Cosmetics Fairy selling these for just 75p each which is a total bargain.

As you can see they have the same packaging as MUA pencils with the sharpener in the lid but a lot prettier with glitter tipped ends. The only problem is the glitter ends up flaking off the pencils.

You'd think that the glitter ends would reflect the shades but sadly they're not bursting with glitter but saying that you get a lovely quality pencil that's creamy, pigmented, longlasting and most of all at a cheap price. There's pretty shades to be had that aren't at all boring.
They retail at $1.99 on the official website which is about £1.31.

Left to right are the following shades.

Glitter Gulch- Golden Brown with tiny shimmery particles.
Second City- Deep Brown with tiny fiery red brown glitters.
Bourbon Street- A Purple Blue (Blurple) with a few specks of whitish glitz.
Kitty Hawk- Sky Shimmery Blue with tiny glitz particles.
Showtime- Lilac Lavender with tiny fuchsia glitters.
 Glitter Gulch, Second City, Bourbon Street, Kitty Hawk, Showtime.

Purchased at Cosmetics Fairy

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