Monday, 25 March 2013

Sleek True Colour Lipstick in 783 Mystic

This is for sure a lipstick that I will definitely repurchase and pick up a back up when I can. 
I have before purchased another shade which is also matte (review here) from Sleek's True Colour lipstick line and do indeed love it but I think I just love this shade way too much more. 

Comes in short oval black casing like all of their lipsticks, has a slight rubbery feel so will probably attract fingerprints quite easily. 

Sleek True Colour Lipsticks have two finishes of lipsticks in their range which are Matte and Sheen and contain Vitamin E without any scent or taste. 

Mystic (Matte) - A strong bright and powerful purple magenta which is a true matte and opaque. 
The formula can be drying as with most matte lipsticks but it's quite light on the lips considering. 

I find that this lipstick lasts for hours on me unless I have a meal then it will start to wear off but you're still left with a even layer of pretty magenta stain. Generally I think most matte lipsticks will always last longer. 

RRP £4.99

 Purchased at Superdrug

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Sleek Be Beautiful BB Blemish Balm SPF15 in 801 Fair

Already I am a big fan of Korean BB creams and haven't took much notice of the big Western BB cream storm as I know they aren't up to scratch and nothing like Korean creams.. However I did want to try one to see for myself and I picked out this one from Sleek that apparently contains a pale shade ' Fair' in their line.

Sleek Be Beautiful Blemish Balm - Contains SPF15 and lots of other skincare elements that usually Western BB creams skip. Contains the likes of Vitamin C, Red Algae and Peptides and is packaged in a short and stubby matte black tube, exactly like a hand cream tube. It's a 50ml which is the standard size of a BB cream.

The formula is stated on the packaging and is meant to be 'Full Coverage' I say it's not at all and is more of a light to medium coverage. I find the formula to dry quite instantly on the skin and is quite thick in texture and starts to oxide as soon as it hits my face to a orange toned shade..which is even darker than my swatch.
It does have a certain smell which is very slight but i can't put my finger on and it's not meant to be there as it's supposed to be unscented...a hint of paint?

I can't get passed the shade and I'm not keen on the texture. 

Overall I don't like it, others may love it.. but if you are used to and love the formula of Korean BB creams you might just hate it.

Did you like it? Let me know in the comments.

RRP £8.99

Purchased at Superdrug

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Vampiress Beauty Randomness 40

Primark Glitter Eye Liner- No name, comes in a fancy box and got this half price at 50p. It's a nice solid pigmented liner with a silver base and compacted with glitter, just it has funny smell which reminds me of PVA glue..not really strong but still a little weird.

Xplode Gloss & Shine Lipstick in E84402 - What a name right? Apparently these were made by Wet 'N Wild but there is no mention of the name on the packaging or the company. It's a beautiful semi-sheer glossy pink red. Glides on and isn't patchy. Kind of smells a little papery and doesn't last long. At 99p I can't complain and there's many bright and bold shades to choose from here

Xplode Lipliner Pencil in E84601 - A deep red cherry pink, that's bursting with pigmentation. This liner melts into your lips giving even you high even colour without drying the lips out, you could easily get away with using this as a lip colour as it really does look juicy without being crepey dry. 75p a total bargain and it's way longer than the average lip pencil from here.

Jesse's Girl Kohl Formula Lipliner in Hotlanta- A gorgeous hot pink with tiny pieces of red glitter. As with their eyeliner pencils their formula is pigmented and creamy. At 75p here you can't go wrong.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Shrine Of Purple EOTD

~Products Used~

Base- Urban Decay Primer Potion
Mascara- L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D
Eyeliner- Barry M Kohl Pencil 30 White, Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner 01 Black, Jesse's Girl Kohl-Formula Pencil Eyeliner Pencil Bourbon Street.
Eyeshadow- MUA Shade 2 - Pearl, Sleek Bohemian Palette (Purple), Barbara Daly Summer Sundaes Collection Eyeshadow Trio Blueberry Burst (Lilac Shade), Etude House Tear Drop Powder #1 Crystal White Tear.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Jesse's Girl Kohl Formula Eyeliner Pencils

Jesse's Girl is a budget makeup line in the USA. I luckily came across these pencils on Cosmetics Fairy selling these for just 75p each which is a total bargain.

As you can see they have the same packaging as MUA pencils with the sharpener in the lid but a lot prettier with glitter tipped ends. The only problem is the glitter ends up flaking off the pencils.

You'd think that the glitter ends would reflect the shades but sadly they're not bursting with glitter but saying that you get a lovely quality pencil that's creamy, pigmented, longlasting and most of all at a cheap price. There's pretty shades to be had that aren't at all boring.
They retail at $1.99 on the official website which is about £1.31.

Left to right are the following shades.

Glitter Gulch- Golden Brown with tiny shimmery particles.
Second City- Deep Brown with tiny fiery red brown glitters.
Bourbon Street- A Purple Blue (Blurple) with a few specks of whitish glitz.
Kitty Hawk- Sky Shimmery Blue with tiny glitz particles.
Showtime- Lilac Lavender with tiny fuchsia glitters.
 Glitter Gulch, Second City, Bourbon Street, Kitty Hawk, Showtime.

Purchased at Cosmetics Fairy