Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Constance Carroll Natural Glow in 1 Rose Glow

Constance Carroll is a budget UK makeup brand. Never really seen in chain stores but always at open markets, fairs and car boot sales. I remember going through a ton of their black liquid eyeliner as a early teen and always loved it. 

I came across a bunch of Constance Carroll products at Cosmetics Fairy for £2.25. To my surprise this big compact caught my eye, I have never seen this before and of course I love highlighters! 

The pressed powder is described as a 'Soft powder for all over radiance. Sweep over face and neck for a gorgeous glow'. 

Now for certain this product does not contain any 'Glow' it's completely matte and I find that strange for something marketed as 'Glow'. It's the palest pink colour you're going to get and the swatch almost didn't show up for me if it wasn't for my neutral near yellow undertones (I had to really apply heavily for swatch to show up). Since there is no sort of glow and being the colour it is, it probably isn't a worthy purchase for us with a pale skintone. However I have found a use for it and that is to tame down overdone blush and of course using this sparingly as a face powder. The product has a nice smooth texture although when you swirl a brush you will get quite a messy pan with fallout. 

I would really love to this one on darker skintones and I believe it would do more of it's purpose on being a highlighter. It's a huge compact with 20g worth of product.

Purchased at Cosmetics Fairy

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  1. totally agree with you about the color! I would, also, use as a highlighter!