Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Fearne Shimmering Eyes Set

I received this as a Christmas present. I know it's now sold out at Boots online, seriously I think most of their Xmas gifts went half price on Christmas day and as you can imagine most is sold out. I can say I have no idea about how much is left in stores.

As you know I love glitter and couldn't wait to do a review on this!

Fearne Shimmering Eyes Set- Contains the following
*4 x Eye Shimmers and Glitters (Two are glitters and the other two are shimmery eyeshadows)
*1 x Applicator (Sponge tipped as I think a brush would make the glitter flick everywhere)
*1 x Eye Shadow Base Stick

I can say that I think the set is really good and I especially love loose glitters to play around with. There are two shimmery eyeshadows that are very nice and pigmented the first is a burnt copper and the other is a deep blackened blue silvery grey. As for the loose glitters, the particles are just as chunky as a standard glitter eyeliner, the first is a sparkling gold and the other is multi-coloured with a silver base almost holographic!

As for the base it really doesn't do the job. I find that it applies nicely and smoothly but there isn't enough stickiness for the glitters to adhere too. It dries too quickly and the finish is almost a powder eyeshadow feel. Another problem with it as it's the wrong colour for a base, a tan champagne colour (you can see it looking murky on the silver in my swatch). I think a pearly transparent white kohl would've done the trick or actually I think NYX jumbo pencils would have just the right texture. I would use this under a pigmented white kohl pencil or NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk.

Overall a lovely set for glitter lovers everywhere but just don't expect the 'base' to be a base.

This was a GIFT 


  1. Y'all seem to have better stuff in the "drugstore" price range and a much better selection. I wish we carried brands like Sleek, and Gosh in the U.S! I used to write a beauty blog but it kind of stopped when I ran out of money- it's if you are interested...I'd love to do a swap with someone. I don't know if you'd be interested since you don't know me but I'm a longtime reader. If it's something you might want to do I can show you my ebay account and stuff just to re-assure you I'm not a scammer or anything like that. I just notice that you seem to find all this cool stuff that's like drugstore type makeup and we have similar tastes. Besides that, I think this is a pretty neat gift and thank you for posting :)

    1. Aww over here we feel that way about your drugstore price and range (better offers and sales too)! :)
      Apparently I heard GOSH is now selling at Walgreens. That's so kind for you to want to swap. When I have time I know where to go. I've bookmarked your blog! x <3

  2. Thank you! GOSH at walgreens, really? I haven't seen it but there are so many nearby I'll ask the employees and see if I can get a lead. The liners look awesome.