Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Baviphat Peach All-In-One Waterfull Cream

Baviphat is a popular beauty line in Korea and has a big range from skincare to makeup.

Peach All-In-One Waterfull Cream is packed with Vitamin C that helps whiten/brighten the skin. It also claims to minimises pores, deeply moisturises and with Beta-Glucan gives the skin elasticity.

The packaging as you can see resembles a big peach, it's all thick plastic with a screw top lid like most face creams. As you open the jar you will see a white plastic lip covering which houses a tiny spoon. I'm not sure if this is a novelty, applying the accurate amount or for hygiene purposes but believe me if you're not careful you will lose this spoon in this gel like cream. 

Anyhow the texture is very different to what I've experienced from a average Western face cream it's a very light gel and blends into the skin like water, this reminds me very much like a gel hand sanitiser without obviously the alcohol feeling. You will need a very small amount for the whole face because if you don't it can start feeling a bit sticky and it will not be a good base for makeup as I've experienced this to make my face makeup flake as I was applying it. Once you apply it right and not too generous it sinks in straight away and you won't have those problems.

The smell is just amazing and you can smell this as soon as you unscrew the jar, it smells of real fresh peaches or like peach sorbet. I instantly feel refreshed when I put this on and gives the skin a light cooling sensation like splashing water on your face. 

I haven't noticed much of a difference to my skin other then it looking and feeling more hydrated. Hopefully with continued use I shall see my pale skin to have more of a glowing kick. As for pores mine are quite small to begin with but fingers crossed this shall help them stay that way. 

You can find this on Ebay for under £10.00 including postage & packaging.

Purchased at Ebay


  1. That is so bloody cute. I used to use a Lancome gel moisturiser like that years ago and I really liked it. I need to look into this brand, the packaging is so adorable.

    Much Love:


    1. Really? I didn't know Lancome did a gel moisturiser! I'll have to look it up. :) x

  2. Love the packaging, love the fact its packed with Vitamin C too. I'll have to take a look at the brand on ebay.

  3. Thanks for your reviews. I've already have Missha BB cream and I'm really happy with it. This looks also really fantastic thing. I'm thinking about ordering the apple one :)Keep a good work going ;)

  4. Nice review, I use this cream too :D and yeah the little spoon is for hygiene purposes so you don't get your fingers in it and what not. If you liked this one you should try Skin Food's Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore line, the primer is amazing!