Thursday, 22 November 2012

Elishacoy Luminous Highlighter

Elishacoy is one of many pretty Korean brands. As you should know by now I'm a big fan of highlighters especially of the Asian type as they tend to use white tones that I always look for to match my pale skin. 

The Luminous Highlighter is in fact very small, the size is just a tad slightly bigger than a average baked single eyeshadow. The compact is absolutely divine and has a expensive look and feel which comes complete with a puff and mirror. I always tend to use a brush when applying a highlighter but actually the puff may be teeny but so incredibly soft, I may just change my mind on trying this. 

As for the product inside it delivers smooth silky application without any dust or crumbling. The marbled mixtures are white, pink, peach and silver and gives a fancy white toned glow, which isn't too overpowering and can be easily be very subtle depending on application. No glitters or sparkles just pearl!

Overall I love this product, obviously I'd like it to be bigger but I can't complain that much as the quality and presentation pretty much makes up for it. 

You can find this around Ebay going for around £10.00 including postage & packaging.

Purchased at Ebay


  1. Looks great. So does it show up as a sheen? I'm not very fond of shimmer/glitter particles on my face. Thanks for the review.

  2. How many grams is in this product?

  3. Are the ingredients listed on the package?