Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Skin Therapy Nourishing Q10 Hand & Nail Cream

At the price of only 59p? It's truly incredible and it isn't just a basic hand & nail cream, this one has ingredients like Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Q10, PH Balanced and Paraben free which is something that you'd expect from a brand way over triple the price.

The packaging is very basic with a screw top tube instead of the normal flip top lid and contains 75ml of product. However  the cream itself is more of a lotion (which comes out as a pale pink like most hand and nail creams) as I think the consistency is far too thin to be a 'cream'.

Texture wise it's very thin and slightly water like and appears to be a tad sticky before it sinks in which isn't that bad as it sinks in fast. As for the scent it's very light delicate sweet floral smell and not really noticeable if you don't put your nose up to it. Moisturising it is but not for severely dry hands and nails but it's good enough for everyday and I've noticed since using this my nail growth is really good and there's not a broken nail yet which is rare for me.

I'll say it's a complete bargain at 59p how do they even make it this cheap? It's worth picking up at a trip to Wilkinsons and there's lots more skincare where this came from in this budget line.

Purchased at Wilkinsons

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