Thursday, 14 June 2012

BeautyUK Lip Lust in No.9 Cocktail

BeautyUK has two formula's of these glosses one 'Lip Vinyl' which has a white cap and has supposed to have intense colour like a opaque lipstick and the other 'Lip Lust' which is supposed to be a very pigmented lipgloss.

Lip Vinyls come in a sophisticated squeeze tube packaging but it has a sponge wrapped round the slant which most squeezy tubes don't. I find that the sponge if very soft but it just soaks up way too much product for me to appreciate, though it's easy enough to squeeze the lipgloss out to your finger or a lip brush. You get either one of 3 flavours/scents to your gloss which are mint, strawberry or paypaya. The scent is pretty light and I couldn't detect it till I put it close to my nose. I gathering that this one is papaya without a horrid taste.

Cocktail - Is a semi-sheer medium orange coral it's not as pigmented as I thought it was going to be but it's a nice gloss to say the least. The texture isn't sticky nor watery and smooths out your lips, definitely a flattering lipgloss. 

At £2.99 it's a descent gloss and there's 11 shades to choose from not even including the Lip Vinyls. I think I'd like to try a sparkly one next. :)

Purchased at Superdrug

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