Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Next Oh So... Party Eyes Palette

Lately Next have been selling all kinds of stuff like their own bottled water, sweets and yes a few new makeup items. This palette is actually available to buy online in the 'Romantic' edition but rather than the £4.00 from instores it costs an extra £5.00 and comes with a mascara.

Party Eyes contains 4 eyeshadows, 1 lip tint, applicator(eyeshadow sponge & lip brush on each end), a small mirror and 2 tutorials. All are inclosed in a small book like packaging with a hidden magnetic closure.

Eyeshadows- Are seriously soft in texture but they have this tendency to crumble on touch so fall out is most definite if you don't tap the excess off your applicator before applying. I found that the pigmentation is not bad and better than expected, they are also easy to blend. All of them have a satin finish with slight micro shimmer and each have individual shade names which are the following.
Chocolate- Cool medium brown
White Shimmer- Standard white
Slate- Greyed Black
Emerald- Teal

Lip Tint- A warm nude medium sheer pink with slight golden shimmers. I think it is more of a lipgloss, it's slightly tacky and thin in texture but very shiny and I detect no scent or any taste. What was suprising is that on my first dip into the lip tint with the brush I hit pan, so if you decide to buy this product don't rely on the lip tint.

Overall I feel that it's just quite boring although the eyeshadows are just ok. You get exactly what you pay for, no more and no less. However the lip tint now is really taking the pee, stingy much?

Purchased at Next

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