Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Claire's Cosmetics Eye Glitter Palette

I've been wanting a glitter cream eyeshadow palette for the purpose of  loving glitter and having glitters all in one for accenting my eye looks and knew Claire's were selling them. The only other brand I can think of that makes these are NYX and after trying this I want to try out their version.

Claire's Eye Glitter palettes come in quite a few variations but they do not have names/numbers on their palettes. This one contains all my favourite colours so I had to get it. The glitters are chunky apart from the first shade which is more like a iridescence that flashes more gold than white but they all seem to go on generously and adhere well.

Well this palette would of been perfect for me, just hate the fact that after swatching the palette it seems like it's just a overlay and nothing more is underneath than just clear gloss. This is very disappointing and I feel rather cheated. RRP is £4.00. I'd like to try NYX's version but fingers crossed it won't have this disappointment. Have you tried/owned NYX Glitter Cream Palette? What do you make of it?

 ^Runs clear after swatching.
Purchased at Claire's


  1. nyx has something similar product too..
    nice palatte..:)

  2. I like how pigmented this looks. I have tried the NYX Glitter Palette and it's average.
    Thanks for sharing hun.

  3. I've heard the NYX is much the same. What a bummer :(

  4. I got the massive one of these. Quite useful when you just want glitter though, looks good over shadow if you apply carefully :)

  5. So disappointing! Awful that you would expect it to be glitter-filled straight through but it just seems to be an overlay. Never tried the NYX palette though, but I haven't heard great things about it.

  6. it looks beautyful! :)

    and great blog! :)
    it would be nice if you visit my blog too :)


  7. thats what i was afraid of, i would also love a glitter palette but not 'glitter on top of clear palette'