Saturday, 14 April 2012

MUA Professional 3in1 Extreme Contour Liner in Shade 5 Auburn

MUA Contour liners come in eight shades though they should do a few brighter ones in my opinion. They are so easy to use being the angled shape they are really does help getting that perfect defined line. The product is creamy but not the melting creamy type where it would lose it's shape quickly and the pigmentation is really descent and even. 

Contour liners are a twist up pen and come in black matte packaging with silver engraved writing.  It feels very sturdy although the colours are not marked at all once they come out of their box, so if you have more than a few you'll have to individually open them to see which shade you want to use which isn't really practical. 

Shade 5 Auburn is a medium pearly brown that seems to shift cool but then a warm auburn brown. RRP is £1.50 so only 50p difference from their standard eyeliners, they also come boxed with some little eyeliner tips on the back.

Purchased at Superdrug

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