Saturday, 14 April 2012

Avon Colortrend Kiss 'N Go Lipstick in Cafe Au Lait

As from my previous reviews on Avon Colortrend lipsticks the swatches are very bad online but this has to be the worst for being nothing like the colour I was expecting. Cafe Au Lait is French for a milky coffee and I thought it would be something like a light brown toned nude? Actually far from it Cafe Au Lait is a very coppery light apricot that's very frosty.

Cafe Au Lait is semi-sheer but the colour can be built up but it can be hard to pull off if your lips are not in top condition as this tends to cling in grooves and drier patches on the lips. It's a very slightly creamy lipstick but isn't too moisturising. Colortend lipsticks seem to be different in formula depending on which shade you get, but all will come with a lovely vanilla scent.

All Avon Colotrend Kiss 'N Go lipsticks come in very cheap basic packaging but not too flimsy, I haven't had one break yet.

These lipsticks are a hit and miss but to be honest I'm not a big fan of this shade Cafe Au Lait. It's not that bad that I will toss it to one side but I wouldn't repurchase.

RRP is £3.50 

Purchased at Avon