Monday, 19 March 2012

Fashionista Fashion Secret Gel Eyeliner in Cute Route

After previously purchasing Fashionista's 'Style Queen' gel liner, I really didn't like the formula too much but I loved the colour and Fashionista seem to have a lot of colours compared to those brands that will only bring out a standard black. I thought maybe I had a bad one or maybe other shades would work better. 

Cute Route is a far worse formula than Style Queen, it seems to be even more patchy and the pigmentation isn't up to scratch. It applies just as creamy but far too creamy with missing pigmentation. It's hard to get an even finish, the formula isn't to my liking but the brush doesn't help either as it's really bendy. It's a shame as the colours in this gel liner range are a breath of fresh air and very pretty. 

I won't be falling for the pretty colours again as the formula just isn't right and for £6.00 I'd prefer to get a different liner even if it's not a gel it'd probably work better.

Cute Route is a true metallic lilac with faint silver micro shimmers.

Purchased at Superdrug

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  1. I have two of these that I like - the formula is not the best gel liner I've tried, but they're pigmented and pretty - all the others seem a bit poopy. Such a shame, it would have been great to have so many colours in Superdrug!