Thursday, 16 February 2012

Vampiress Beauty Randomness 32

Boots Natural Collection Vanilla Shower Cream- I adore their Vanilla Body Spray and wear at least a couple of spritz of it everyday, combined with my other fragrances. I have to say that this shower cream is nice and moisturising, lathers up well but the thing is to me it doesn't quite smell like the same vanilla in my body spray.
The following is my post Xmas sale hauls, I didn't get round to posting. All I got for half price so it's half of which you see on the label :)
Boots Fearne Shimmer Eyes- A Set of six loose eyeshadows, all really pigmented apart from the yellow toned cream colour which is more like a little iridescence. Ignoring that small fault I'm really happy with the quality and the top deep blue colour is my favourite being very strongly pigmented, bold and bright.

Boots Fearne Smokey Eyes- A Set of 5 mini chunky pencils, I have to say I'm not that impressed with the quality here. They aren't that very soft, although they're decently pigmented, I just hate the formula. It's just not as creamy as the eye pencils we usually get today.

FrontCover Blue Eyed Girl- A set containing all things 'blue' including 3 shadows, a shadowline (which is a clear eyeliner which you can use with the eyeshadows), Double Ended Black/Blue Mascara and of course a nail polish. Altogether is a really good set, though the eyeshadows could be a little more pigmented. I'm also not sure how I feel about the 'shadowline' wouldn't you just have to choose what eyeshadow you'd want to be your eyeliner? If not I can just see this ending up being a cocktail of mud.


  1. well, that nail polish bottle looks like a really pretty color and i cant imagine how a clear eyeliner works at all o.O?

    vanilla shower gel sounds good too especially when it is moisurising *humm* staurday 1:47pm. time to run to the next store?!

  2. kakuidori- It's for eyeshadows so you can use them as a eyeliner but I can see this being a bugger to clean, if you're going to use it for multiple shades. x