Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Boots No7 Vital Brights Lipstick

Vital Brights Lipsticks are from the new Limited Edition No7 Spring Collection. There are two shades of lipstick in the collection which I picked up both. RRP for these is £10.00 each but Boots are usually generous with coupons so I got £5.00 off.

The packaging is completely different to their standard line being a white squared casing, which is nice and completes the collection. It doesn't feel cheap at all.

I found both of these lipsticks to be a different texture than what I've ever experienced in other lip products. It's light but it has a very slight tacky texture. Being a 'glossy' lipstick that they claim. I do not think it is. It's a sort of sheer cream finish that has a really nice sheen. They have a wonderful fragrance of vanilla, that's very yummy.

Of course the colour is sheer as it supposed to be but it can easily be built up without clogging up too much product. I have to admit some sheer lipsticks can be straight down right boring, these are not at all. They're just neutralised shades that would suit most.
The colours are really wearable and the would just about compliment any eye makeup look. If you're afraid of hot pinks, I suggest 'Blooming Pink' would be just right for as it's not bold it comes neutralised.

Longevity is not bad as it lasts an hour on me (normal sheer colours wouldn't do that normally) but the sheen disappears fast, if you're eating expect these to disappear right away.

Blossoming Pink - A  beige nude, very slight warm rose undertones with the tiniest micro iridescent shimmers.
Blooming Pink- A creamy neutral mellowed hot pink

Seriously for sheer lipsticks these are seriously not bad at all.

Purchased at Boots


  1. the packaging is very neat!
    both shades look nice and easy to wear. :)

  2. hmmm the first one looks so natural, i like it :-)

  3. These are lovely! Can't wait to get my mitts on them! xoxox

  4. I love these! I like sheer, discrete lipsticks. Either those or very dark red/black :D