Monday, 2 January 2012

Superdrug Colourworks London Eyeshadow Palette

Hope everyone had a nice New Year and I missed posting about it, just like last year opps! However I'm not that big on the New Year. 

Colourworks London is a makeup brand that is released at Superdrug for Xmas.

I received this palette at Xmas and I'm extremely pleased with it.  There's 18 eyeshadows in this altogether and I'm liking every single shade especially that bright magenta at the bottom. All are very pigmented and remind me of MUA eyeshadows but they're a lot more drier in texture. The shadows seem to all blend very well and each have pearl or shimmery finish. Of course there is a few that aren't as pigmented but that few are still really workable. 

The original price is £7.99 on these but I see on the website it's gone down to £4.99, or maybe it's even cheaper instores. If you come across one, do consider to pick one up because you won't be disappointed. 

This was a GIFT 


  1. Gorgeous! Wish I had access but alas.....

  2. maybe i should buy some kind of eyeshadow palette, too *lol* so many great colors out there and i always end up with black, white, maybe a bit of green & blue!

  3. i have this palette its really goo

  4. Its a great palette isn't it. I picked it up in the sale and i'm really glad i did.

  5. nice things

  6. I got mine for £1.99 :) I love the pallet so much. I wish they had a website I can buy it from because I have nearly used up all the silver.