Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Nivea Pure & Natural Lip Care Milk & Honey

Out of all the lip balms I've tried from Nivea this has to be the best. It's the most moisturising and the texture is just perfect. Weird enough it looks like butter and applies like butter. It does the job to soften and care for my lips, to be honest I'd probably just apply this anyway because I love how it feels. 

The texture leaves the lips very shiny, where milk & honey comes into it, I find that the scent is made well. It's a very true honey scent with a touch of buttery milk. I do not detect any taste though, which is a good thing as I might want to eat it.

Nivea claims that the Pure & Natural range is 100% free of preservatives and 90% of the ingredients are from natural origins, I don't know much about chemistry but I definitely don't see any parabens in the ingredients, although it's going to have to have some sort of preservative if it's a liquid cosmetic. 

All in all I would buy this again at £1.99 it's a steal. I wouldn't mind trying some other products from their Pure & Natural range. 

Purchased at Boots


  1. I have this one atm in my handbag and I use it at work but in Finnish winter it turns really thick and hard so it's annoying to use it out in the cold or just after you've gotten in. Not my fave lip balm but not bad either :) I prefer more soft lip balms.

  2. Duvessa- Wow I find it really soft, compared to most of the other balms in stick form I have. The one I found competes with it, is Dove's. <3