Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Boots Natural Collection Eyeshadows

While Natural Collection lipsticks are the most talked and raved about the eyeshadows have got overlooked. I happen to love all three I purchased and I think the formula is high quality considering the price is very cheap the solos are £1.79 and for the duo is £1.99 not much difference for two shadows in one. 

I found that all three shadows have the same formula which is pearly, decently pigmented but light and very easy to blend. You can easily pick up a lot of colour and these are not chalky at all. Out of all I must say that the duo has the best colour payoff.
Duo Eyeshadow in Vanilla/Plum- A rich deep purple followed by a light yellow toned cream.

Solo in Candy Floss- The pearliest light frosted pink.

 Solo in Lavender- A medium lilac blue

Purchased at Boots


  1. the purple shade is really pretty!
    seems that the texture is nice as well. :)

  2. plum <3
    you have an eye makeup with it? would like to see it in action :-D

  3. Lena- Oh I love the texture.:)

    kakuidori- I'll promise I'll do a EOTD with it soon! <3

    Sian- Agreed. :D