Monday, 23 January 2012

Innisfree Eco Natural Green Tea BB Cream SPF25/PA++

We all know the benefits of drinking cups of green tea, so adding this to your daily makeup routine has to be good too.

This is my first venture into Korean brand Innisfree and I'm liking this product so far!
While it only has a small amount of English on the packaging I had to do a little research about the product before buying. 

It's a moisturising BB cream with the main ingredient being 100% pure organic green tea water from Jeju Island. Other major ingredients are Chamomile, Lavender extract and Camellia Flower extract. Not to mention that it doesn't contain no antiseptic substance, colouring matter, alcohol, benzophenone and mineral oil.

Innsifree BB cream comes in a pump tube which is the norm of many Korean BB creams. I found that the tube I got was a bit random since when I sometimes push down the pump to apply the product It ends up shooting somewhere else, it's happened a few times, there's probably a air bubble in there somewhere. The texture is quite thin compared to some BB creams but it doesn't effect the coverage which I'd say is a medium. It blends flawlessly into my skin and the product is very easy to work with due to the lovely texture. It's highly hydrating without being greasy. There is a scent to the product which I think is yummy, it's like a tropical fruit punch, without being overpowering and fades after application. 

Innsifree Green Tea BB cream comes in two shades, of course I chose number '1' as this is the lightest colour. It actually is slightly darker than my natural skintone but as it blends so well with your natural skintone it's not noticeable. I'm very impressed with this BB cream and would consider purchasing again, though it still can't beat my Missha Perfect Cover BB.

Purchased at Ebay


  1. It looks lovely but I just read your post about Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream and I feel like that is the one I am leaning more toward purchasing... :-)

  2. i think missha perfect bb cream has one of the best coverage out there. sadly i can only use it as concealer. right now i am using missha m signature bb cream which is lighter in consistency than perfect cover.
    this new one you purchases sounds very intereting. i like bb cream that's light and moisturizing. ;)

  3. i wanted to get this one so bad, i have the product on my ebay watch list for so long, so in terms of coverage, Missha is still better than Innisfree? How is the finish? Since you said its non-greasy looking, its like a subtle satin sheen???thx for the review, really helpful.


  4. What shade at you in mac? I want to try out this bb cream but don't know if im #1 or #2 (Im a nc20-25). Also do you have the full list of ingredients of this bb cream? And what undertone does this bb cream have? Thanks for the review!