Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Vampiress Beauty Randomness 30

Chupa Chups Mango Lip Gloss - Saw loads of these on all the counters of Primark. There were little toddlers there having huge tantrums because they actually thought they were real lollipops, I felt really sorry for their parents. Anyhow there were three flavours, strawberry, vanilla and of course mango which I purchased for £2.50. It was nice to make a change from the normal vanilla and strawberry. I had to have it, just for the novelty. The gloss is very watery thin in texture, not sticky and is completely clear. Doesn't last long and this is what I expected, though something unexpected happened, the mango lipgloss actually stinks of watermelon and ahem I thought this was mango? Not good.

Asda Calming & Softening Shower Scrub (With Extracts of Cherry Blossom & Rice Milk)- Asda are bringing out all sorts of new body products at the moment. I adore this scrub, it's more of a shower gel and a scrub in one. If you use this as a scrub you won't need shower gel as the scrub is in a shower gel formula if that makes sense. The smell is so sophisticated and gently sweet and does what it's supposed to do. Costs only £1.50, when you use this product you really would think it's something way more expensive.

MUA Makeup Academy Eye Shadow in Shade 22 -Pearl - The £1.00 eyeshadow that reminds me much like MAC Seedy Pearl, but more pink and 10x more pigmented. Feels weird that MAC costs £10.50 more.

Next Glimmer Lip Glosses Set - Got this as a Xmas present. Contains 3 glosses all with a golden sheen.
None of them have names but they're all really nice quality. First off they're not thin and aren't sticky, they smell like a delicious caramel tart. Look seriously shiny on the lips.

I'll describe the shades in the same order as the picture below:

1- Sheer muted ruby red with micro gold sparkles.
2- Sheer coffee caramel with lighter micro gold sparkles
3- A clear gloss with tiny golden sparkles, can't really see the sparkles at all when you apply.


  1. Oooh that MUA shadow looks really nice I may have to get it :) xo

  2. nice products!!! i first thought it was a lollipop!!! hahahah!


  3. Those products are great! I'll be looking for that here in the Phil. :)