Thursday, 29 December 2011

FrontCover Top Drawer Eye Pencil Collection

FrontCover Top Drawer Contains:
6 Chunky Eye Pencil
1 Black Kohl Pencil With Smudger
Duo Pencil Sharpener.

I got this half price off retail at Boots. After Xmas they have a huge half price sale on all gifts and people seem to have gone extra mad this year, I don't think there is much left.

I'm really pleased with this set and because of the quality, all the pencils are very pigmented and creamy. Even the glitter shades aren't stiff and hard to work with. The packaging is in a hard cardboard box that you flip open to reveal a mirror, tutorials and of course the contents.
One thing I'm not impressed with (I'm going to be blunt)  is the little looks inside, I think they're rubbish and they need to see what I see other beauty bloggers do out there.

Moccasin - Medium metallic golden brown
Pine Needle- Deep matte green teal
Drifter- Bold pearly dark electric blue
Purple Durple- Deep matte aubergine purple
Chalk- Glittery icy baby blue
Lemon- What looks like a greenish gold but the base doesn't show so it's a clear pencil with golden glitters.
The kohl pencil is actually pretty descent it's very soft and creamy although it isn't the blackest black.
Overall it's a really good set but still not enough to make me buy it at full price.
Purchased at Boots


  1. I received the frontcover moondust set as a present & it is amazing! It has 6 shimmery pigments and 2 holographic pigments

  2. i saw thse in the sales and i wasn't too tempted by them, i rarely wear eyeliner that isn't black, but im glad you enjoy them! i nearly bought the little diddy eyeshadow set, but i resisted

  3. Beautil colors but that gold glittery one looks painful to put on the waterline :/

  4. gorgeous eyeliners so pigmented.

  5. I've had one of these sets before, they're quite good! x

  6. The colours look great. So pigmented. Great post

  7. Hannah- o_0 Holographic sounds good, bet it'll look gorgeous! <3

    Pretty In Pink- I know what you mean, I'm never without black eyeliner. I'll use a coloured liner with my black liner. x

    mrscolorme- Ouch, nope I don't think I'll try the gold one on my inner rims. XD x

    benish- Oh they all are just kind of disappointed about the gold one. Although it won't go unused. :)x

    kirbyat- I think FrontCover is a great brand and value for money. I love my Rainbow Eyes palette from them. :D x

    Hollie Galvin- Love the colours and thank you so glad you liked my post. :) x

  8. These pencils look beautiful! I'm interested to see how you'd use that glitter one :)