Thursday, 22 December 2011

Fashionista Fashion Secret Gel Eyeliner in Style Queen

A few new brands have recently launched in Superdrug being Fashionista one of them. For a while I didn't get or love the whole 'gel liner' thing, but now I've grown to love it!

The gel liner comes in which looks like a big liquid liner, apart from the top you pull out a secret brush and you twist it open like a liquid liner to reveal the gel pot. I like the idea it's pretty alright. The brush is actually a nice quality, the bristles are a bit bendy but it's usable.

Style Queen- A reflective metallic rose copper. This colour isn't common in gel liner ranges, this is why I chose it. I found the consistency intensely creamy, so creamy in fact I could mess up application if I weren't careful. The pigment was ok but it did get patchy, who knows it could be the way too creamy formula that was messing with the pigment.

I wore this combined with my black liner and It lasted all day. So longevity is good.

Not keen on the formula and for around £6.00 I'd rather pay a couple of quid extra and get something better.

Purchased at Superdrug


  1. I'm really fascinated by this type of packaging, the Annabelle Smudgepaints have the same kind of deal. The colour is really pretty too, not something I would usually pick for myself but now I'm visualising how awesome it would be as a base :)

  2. Pretty colour... ive never seen one like it!