Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Barry M Kohl Eye Pencils

Ever since I purchased Barry M's 13 Pastel Turquoise which I posted about in my 27th Randomness post. I've been wanting to haul some more, so I did. I love the bold colour choice which most brands would be too scared to do, for one red eyeliner....yay!

These Kohl liners are stiff but warm up as soon as they touch the skin, they're so pigmented but I can say I didn't think that '15 Pastel Lilac' wasn't as opaque as the others, still as creamy but slightly patchy.

At £2.99 each and a ton of extreme shades, I don't think I'm done just yet. 

23 Hot Pink- Intense matte hot candy pink.
25 Red- Just the perfect bold matte red.
15 Pastel Lilac- Cool deep matte lilac.
30 White- Bright brilliant matte white.

Purchased at Superdrug


  1. the red and lilac are sooooo pretty

  2. omgg i love these colourss!!
    i wish they have colours like that here .__.

  3. I love that they have a red eyeliner, I usually just use lipliner! The pink and lilac are also pretty.

  4. Holy, the colours are soooo intense..i luv the lilac especially...too bad Barry M is not available in canada...cuz ive heard too many good think about their products....