Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 700 Nude Delight

Before I start with a review, I must rant about something that always annoys the hell out of me and that is... when you have a ultra sticky security sticker on your freshly purchased lipstick or many other cosmetic products out there for that matter. Yes it's a great invention to stop shoplifters but then again not so much for the rest of us when it ruins our product. It's hard to pull off and once you do you're left with the stickiest chunkiest residue magnet which is gross. So the bits of white goop I tried to hide on the packaging is from the security sticker.

Anyhow on to the review...

I love Rimmel lipsticks in general but this is my first purchase from the pretty purple metallic  'Moisture Renew' line and I can say I like! 

Nude Delight- A creamy lipstick that has a cream finish that is a not so overly pale nude lipstick with strong peachy undertones. To me it's like a cross between the classic nude and the mannequin nude.

As the lipstick is creamy I found this fairly moisturising but the lasting power on me is below average at lasting only a hour without eating or drinking. Other than that I love the texture on my lips and the pigmentation. Rimmel lipsticks are always nicely scented, this one is a very light sweet perfume smell and has no taste.

Purchased at Boots


  1. I really love that shade! Too bad the lasting power sucks!

  2. Not usually a fan of Rimmel but I'm going to try this shade out!

  3. Im a huge fan of Rimmel.. their facepowder is so good. Just proves you don't need to spend mega money to get something pretty or that works