Tuesday, 15 November 2011

MUA Makeup Academy Professional Eyeshadow Palette in Glitter Ball

A while back MUA released a professional range of their products, still cheap and great value. This palette cost me only £4.00 and there are more variations of this palette. I did have trouble locating it as I only found this range in one of three Superdrug nearest to me and they didn't have the whole range either.

I picked up 'Glitter Ball' which has an array of shimmery shades and ones with a tiny amount of micro glitter. For something to be called Glitter Ball I was expecting really chunky glittery shades which this palette isn't. I love the fact that it comes with a few neutrals, brights, pastels and a black/white contour colours (which I use constantly). They do compare with their single shades in their £1.00 line in terms of the pigmented buttery texture but in this palette it's much more shimmery.

Overall I'm so pleased with this palette and just at £4.00 all the colours are very pigmented and wearable. Probably going to rival Sleek palettes since they're a couple of quid cheaper and just as good quality!  I will be looking at the other palettes they have to offer.

Purchased at Superdrug


  1. I got the Heaven and Earth palette, I love it!

  2. Holy crap! I can't believe how inexpensive this was for such nice eyeshadow!