Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Lush Snow Fairy

Every year during the Festive season Lush will release the 'Snow Fairy' which happens to be really popular amongst Bloggers and Youtubers. Often people will buy back ups of this stuff to keep them through the rest of the year till Lush release it again. 

Snow Fairy is bright hot pink and you need a sweet tooth to stand it. The scent is like pink bubble gum and full sugar. I adore the smell. 

Shower Gel For Body and Hair - Hot pink and full of micro blue reflective glitters which turn white on my camera. 
I wouldn't use it on my hair as it doesn't have any other properties that would care for my hair other than the purpose of cleaning. 
I use this on my body and I find a little goes a long way and it lathers extremely well. The scent is strong but doesn't stay with you as you leave the shower. Which could be a good or bad depending on whether you want to keep the scent a while longer. I use body butter and fragrance so it doesn't bother me. It's a fun novelty shower gel that will get you squeaky clean. I got the big 500g size which should last ages.

Lip Tint- Wow does this smell delicious just like the shower gel. It looks hot pink in the pot but once applied it's a sheer milky pink. It's nicely moisturising that isn't heavy  and leaves a nice sheen but.... there's one big catch about this lip tint that makes me want to lob it at the bin and I will most certainly never ever purchase this again. It tastes absolutely horrific, so putrid and disgusting like deep fried burnt wax crayons. How did they even make this taste so bad? I'm completely put off and I won't even bother buying another, even to see if I have a bad one.

Purchased at Lush


  1. I know everyone loves it, but ever since I was a kid, just haven't been able to stand the smell of bubblegum! Lovely color though!

  2. I don't use this myself but I have a small one for my daughter who loves everything pink :P

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  4. Love this shower gel so much! I wish I could buy it all year around.

  5. StephanieLouise- Awww, I love bubblegum! :( x

    Duvessa- Bless her :D <3

    FashionFreak/Mihaela- I'll definitely take a look at your blog. ^_^

    Beauty Fiend- I'd like to eat it too, lol just kidding I think.. :) x

  6. I agree about the taste. They need to sort that out because the tints are all good colors but they all have this insanely bad after taste. Like the xmas pudding one last year.. It literally had me retching!

    Snow Fairy is so not my type of color or thing.. but every SINGLE year like a total geek.. i go buy it.

    PS. totally admire your response to the 'follow my blog' comment above. I would literally have been like 'F*C* oFF!'