Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Lip Tint Bar in 01 Cherry Kiss

Gorgeous Aqua packaging from Korean brand Holika Holika's 'Jelly' lines. While having a jelly faze of lip tints in the shape of a lipstick, I wanted to try more in hope of finding a more pigmented tint, sadly the tint in this jelly is very sheer and hardly noticeable. Although I can say that it's not all bad as I find this to be comforting and moisturising, it smells of real strawberry jelly and tastes good too.

Contains mint water and marine jelly. 
Tint Bar is meant to colour your lips 5 secs after applying (there is colour but not very much at all) and will make smooth and bouncy lips without wrinkles (makes my lips very smooth and cushioned).

The colour is supposed to work with the heat from your lips which again is different but I didn't notice any change no matter how warm the product got, I don't want to burn it though, it's far too pretty. 

'01 Cherry Kiss' looks like a bouncy ball even with glitter flakes inside like the ones that you get from the dispensers outside corner shops. 

I can say I prefer this 100% over L'Oreal's Lip Glow with the texture look and taste, but as these types of things are so sheer, I think I'm going off them. Pretty to look at but that's about it really. 

Purchased at Ebay


  1. Looks pretty but kind of pointless

  2. I agree soo pretty but really you're better with a normal old balm!

  3. i luv these i luv your jelly balm