Tuesday, 18 October 2011

NYX Round Lipstick in 507 NYX

A nice orange lipstick such as this one always gets me in the mood for holidays such as Halloween and Bonfire Night. NYX Round Lipsticks are very cheap, really pigmented and generally very good quality in a big array of shades. 

The shade 'NYX' is a opaque and ultra creamy shimmery bright apricot orange with copper undertones. It makes a statement.

It wears fairly well and fades evenly especially since it's so slippery and creamy. I detect no scent or taste. 

I actually bought this when it was on sale at Nonpareil Boutique a while ago before they even had a UK NYX webstore online. So it actually worked out cheaper than the £3.50 the UK is selling them at each. 

Most know this but for those who don't, the window where it shows you the colour is actually an extra pot of lipstick, it's really easy to just pull off and you can easily click it back on. This is also on MUA lipsticks but they're a lot harder to pull off.
Purchased at Nonpareil Boutique


  1. this is a lovely color, but awe NYX round lippies. I broke my pumpkin pie last month >.<

  2. Love this lipstick

    -Mia xo

  3. This looks absolutely amazing on your lips!

  4. You are very right... PERFECT for halloween!


  5. I love the consistency and pigmentation of NYX round lippies. I just hate that the break and melt very easily.

  6. Great colour! I had NO IDEA that you could pull the pot on the bottom off!!! lol!

  7. When I see great colors like this, and then purchase some, I usually mix it with some pale colored lipsticks.. I make variations as well so that the color won't just stay being a bright color but a very impressing flexible color.

    Texas Cosmetology CE