Sunday, 23 October 2011

Holika Holika All That BB Cream SPF27 PA***

My 3rd BB cream. Yes I can officially say I'm starting to get a little obsession going with BB Cream.  
Holika Holika is a very popular Korean brand and I love the purple packaging. The first photo is rubbish, I'm not sure what happened there but the other photos are fortunately ok. 

I purchased this from Ebay at around £14.50 and I was chuffed to receive a travel sized included which I didn't know about. 

All That BB Cream comes in two shades and of course I went with the lightest '01 Light Beige' and it contains the likes of whitening, anti-wrinkle properties, collagen, crystal water, green tea extract as well as the sun protection.

The colour is too dark for me, but once applied and blended it's only very slight and is a lot lighter than the Skin79 Pink BB. The undertones appear to be a warm beige. It's on the thick side but is easily to blend and I really like the medium coverage it gives. I wouldn't recommend this for very dry skin types as isn't as moisturising as the others I have tried. My skin type is normal but can get slightly oily for reference and I've had no problems with this. 

I detect only a subtle sunscreen scent to this which doesn't bother me.

Overall I'm really pleased with this BB cream and at the moment would be my second favourite after Missha Perfect Cover BB.

Purchased at Ebay


  1. The trouble with BB Creams is that there are rarely matches for my skin. I want to try Holika Holika so badly, though!

  2. Sometimes you really have to research your stuff before making a decision. Some of them only have one shade whilst others have only two. Missha on the other hand has about 4 shades in their range. Hope you manage to try out Holika Holika! <3

  3. I want to try the proper ones, the Garnier one I tried was awful

  4. Beauty Fiend- Garnier has missed many things a BB is supposed to do. Shading is awful. Not happy with Western brands trying to do BB. I don't think they get it lol. x

  5. I know there is only two shades! I love your blog by the way :)