Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! 

Nope I'm not going anywhere this Halloween, but I left you with a picture of the results of me playing with my makeup. Um I shall call it 'Dark Fairy Of Sorrow'

Life has been quite hectic for me, so I'm sorry for the lack of posting.  I promise I'll get back to posting a lot more. 

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Holika Holika All That BB Cream SPF27 PA***

My 3rd BB cream. Yes I can officially say I'm starting to get a little obsession going with BB Cream.  
Holika Holika is a very popular Korean brand and I love the purple packaging. The first photo is rubbish, I'm not sure what happened there but the other photos are fortunately ok. 

I purchased this from Ebay at around £14.50 and I was chuffed to receive a travel sized included which I didn't know about. 

All That BB Cream comes in two shades and of course I went with the lightest '01 Light Beige' and it contains the likes of whitening, anti-wrinkle properties, collagen, crystal water, green tea extract as well as the sun protection.

The colour is too dark for me, but once applied and blended it's only very slight and is a lot lighter than the Skin79 Pink BB. The undertones appear to be a warm beige. It's on the thick side but is easily to blend and I really like the medium coverage it gives. I wouldn't recommend this for very dry skin types as isn't as moisturising as the others I have tried. My skin type is normal but can get slightly oily for reference and I've had no problems with this. 

I detect only a subtle sunscreen scent to this which doesn't bother me.

Overall I'm really pleased with this BB cream and at the moment would be my second favourite after Missha Perfect Cover BB.

Purchased at Ebay

Friday, 21 October 2011

Vampiress Beauty Randomness 28

Alberto VO5 Miracle Mist - A rescuing spray for damaged and frizzy hair.
This has been a life saver for me. I spray this on to towel dried hair and brush through and when I go to straighten it in the morning, my overall finish is smoother, shinier and not frazzled and frizzed as it usually is. It comes with heat protection as well even though I still use my normal heat protection spray combined as I use high heat for my unruly hair. Plus is smells like sweet candy!

L'Occitane Desert Rose Hand Cream - I got this free with this months Marie Claire. I've used the original and finished it up because I loved it so much. This one is just as good but it smells like roses. It has a very thick texture but is not sticky nor greasy and sinks in straight away.

Barry M Metallic Liquid Eyeliner in No4 Silver- I love these metallic liners, they're true to what they say. I currently have this one and the green. I'm planning on getting the pink next. It's opaque and long lasting.

Makeup Academy (MUA) Intense Glitter Eyeliner Pencil in Blue Babe- I love all the pencils I've tried from this brand and they're only £1.00 each. 'Blue Babe' is a bright baby blue with lots of sliver glitter, but not at all gritty.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Fully Olive Black EOTD

Just a basic look I done with the Etude House Eyeshadow palette I recently reviewed. :)

~Products Used~

Base- Urban Decay Primer Potion
Mascara- L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D
Eyeliner- Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner 01 Black, Rimmel Soft Kohl Pencil 071 Pure White.
Eyeshadow- Etude House Lucidarling Fantastic Gradation Eyes #4 Fully Olive Black

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

NYX Round Lipstick in 507 NYX

A nice orange lipstick such as this one always gets me in the mood for holidays such as Halloween and Bonfire Night. NYX Round Lipsticks are very cheap, really pigmented and generally very good quality in a big array of shades. 

The shade 'NYX' is a opaque and ultra creamy shimmery bright apricot orange with copper undertones. It makes a statement.

It wears fairly well and fades evenly especially since it's so slippery and creamy. I detect no scent or taste. 

I actually bought this when it was on sale at Nonpareil Boutique a while ago before they even had a UK NYX webstore online. So it actually worked out cheaper than the £3.50 the UK is selling them at each. 

Most know this but for those who don't, the window where it shows you the colour is actually an extra pot of lipstick, it's really easy to just pull off and you can easily click it back on. This is also on MUA lipsticks but they're a lot harder to pull off.
Purchased at Nonpareil Boutique

Monday, 17 October 2011

Etude House NOTD

 ~Products Used~

Etude House LuciDarling Fantastic Nails in #2 Lavender Purple and #1 Pink Topaz

I absolutely love this combo of lilac nail polish and glittery icy silver pink on top. It was really hard to capture the true beauty of the colours. I find that Etude House nail polishes are top quality and was near dry before I started applying Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. I love the non streaky texture and was opaque in two coats

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Etude House Lucidarling Fantastic Gradation Eyes in #4 Fully Olive Black

I cannot rave enough about this Etude House eyeshadow quad, it's my first eyeshadow purchase from their line and I did not know I was missing out this much. 

The eyeshadows are cased in a detailed pretty shiny pale pink and brown compact, complete with a mirror and two useful applicators. It also has a little tutorial on the back on where you might want to place your shadows.

#4 Fully Olive Black consists of four colours which are a silver, black, olive taupe and a yellow toned white. All glisten, shine and shimmer and are soft, easy to blend and decently pigmented. There is just something wonderful about these eyeshadows that isn't in Western brands.

I can see this being used a lot as these type of colours and finishes are screaming my name. 

As it is an international brand, Ebay is probably your best bet and you can pick these up at around the £11.00 or under.
 Close up of the bow where you open the case.

Purchased at Ebay

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bourjois Little Round Pot Intense Eyeshadow in Extrait 01

I've always had trouble with Bourjois eyeshadow pots being that they were really hard to use. The majority had little to none pigmentation and the product itself would harden up, you literally had to scrape the pan to pick up some product. I'm pleased to say that their new formulas have improved greatly and this problem is a thing of the past. 

Their new shades do not have names just numbers which I think is boring. The colours are not vast in range either, they do not even have a standard white shade, which hopefully will change through the years.   

01 is the most shimmery glittery champagne I have. The sparkle and glitters are tiny and don't have a heavy gritty texture, not like their previous colours in their old formulas. You will pick a descent amount of pigment from the very first touch which I am shocked about. Although depsite all this I don't think the sparkles and colour will hold very well without a eye primer or cream base. as the pigment and colour easily rubs off. 

Overall I'm happy with their upgrade and won't hesitiate to purchase other shades.

A few comparison photos of the old and new pots. The pans are the same size but the casing has quite a big difference. The older version is much chunkier and has a standard compact click closure, whilst the newer versions have a magnetic closure and are much sleeker.
Purchased at Boots

Thursday, 6 October 2011

*~ October Rust EOTD ~*

~Products Used~

Base- Urban Decay Primer Potion
Mascara- L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D
Eyeliner- Revlon Liquid Liner, Rimmel Soft Kohl Pencil 071 Pure White, Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil Baked.
Eyeshadow- BeautyUK Eye Shadow Collection 1 (Lilac), FrontCover Rainbow Eye Palette (Blanc De Blanc, Mother Of Pearl, Biscuit, Black Iris).