Sunday, 11 September 2011

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm in Gothic

This Revlon Just Bitten is the only lip marker stain that I've noticed to come with a balm, which really is a good idea as these types of stains usually equal drying. I chose the shade 'Gothic' purely you can see why!

Gothic is a very warm blood red and is actually a very nicely pigmented stain. The thing I do not like about it is how it applies patchy and I how had to keep going over it, to get my desired finish. It has a very light sweet scent and no taste just it didn't last very long after 2 hours I ended up being left with just a little bit of colour in the middle of my bottom lip, now that did look like I bit it, hence the name 'Bitten'.

As for the lip balm, it's just pretty average it has no scent and is kind of a greasy type of balm which of course gives you a shiny finish. Now as you notice the balm is on the other side of the marker.
In my picture I didn't twist the balm up, as there isn't that kind of mechanism on this product, that is the amount of balm you get. Which of course is going to get sliced off with my lid anytime soon, as I said before no twisting mechanism.

Yes it comes with a balm, but yes it's absoutely nothing special and to me it's not a great product. I'll carry on using it under other lip products but I wouldn't repurchase again.

 With just the stain..
 With the stain + balm
Purchased at Boots


  1. Oooh, that balm part sucks! It doesn't twist and that's all you get?!

  2. A stain that only lasts 2 hours is such a bummer. Boo! :-(

  3. I hate it when lip stains go on patchy! It's so frustrating! That one does look nice on your lips though.

  4. I kind of wanted this one for the name, and the colour is gorgeous! I just really don't like lip markers, they never seem to work well on me.