Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Pink Nails With Black Glitter NOTD

I've noticed that I haven't done a NOTD in a while. I had to post this one as I love the outcome. 
All the products I used are seriously cheap, apart from well... my Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.
I love all different colours of glitter top coats but now they're becoming more difficult to find in the average drugstore. 

~Products Used~

Claire's Quick Dry Nail Polish (Quite old and doesn't seem to have a name)
2True Fast Dry Colour Quick Nail Polish in Shade 1 


  1. I know you said it was old, but I'm so checking Claire's for that black glitter! I seriously need a black glitter and it looks amazing over that pink!

  2. Aoife- Oh do check they may just have it! I'm going to go back there to see if they still do any other glitter topcoat colours! x

  3. So jealous of the fact that you have a black glitter topcoat!

  4. Oh wow that looks fantastic! I need black glitter nails! D: