Tuesday, 13 September 2011

*~Makeup From Greece~*

While my Mum was in Crete on Holiday she was lovely enough to bring me back a bunch of makeup items my Mum knows exactly what I like too.
It's such a joy trying out lines from other countries, especially since I've never even heard of these particular two brands. All of them are Carlo Di Roma apart from the trio which is Claudia Rovelli. I believe both of these brands are actually Spanish brands. Do check out their websites.

Carlo Di Roma Sombra De Ojos Shiny Powder in No8 and No13- These are pretty much just like pigments in roller-ball form. I'd use these on my eyes and the rose coloured one would also make a very nice blush. They're very soft and pigmented packed with a beautiful shimmering pearl finish, though the roller-ball isn't accurate in application. I'd just dot the product on where I'd like to use it and use a brush to blend, the powder is very easy to blend.

Carlo Di Roma Eyeshadow in 45- Comes in screw top packaging. It's an intensely pigmented shimmery and pearly candyfloss pink. I love how this shadow is silky soft without being powdery.

Claudia Rovelli Trio Eyeshadow in 05- Also in screw top packaging. These colours have a very fine pearl shimmer finish, all are very pigmented. I love the choice of colours in this trio ranging from a white, a solid deep purple and this beautiful lavender pink that I don't own anything quite like. The quality is just as lovely as the Carlo Di Roma shadow.

Carlo Di Roma Vicious Lipgloss in No23- A bold gorgeous warm pearl burgundy red. It smells like Vanilla the expensive kind and no taste. The gloss is above average wearing but once it does wear off it leaves a subtle and even red stain which I love. The texture is quite thick but smooth and moisturising. It is slightly tacky but I like it.

Carlo Di Roma Ultra Pearl Eyeshadow- I cannot find the number of the colour on the packaging.  The colour is a beautiful fine shimmered silver white. It's incredibly creamy and intensely pigmented. It glides on with ease. I don't know how it stands up to creasing as I always wear a eye primer under every single eyeshadow product. Although I can see this being a great base as well and used for the inner corners of your eyes.

This was a GIFT 


  1. Love the lipgloss, suits you perfectly!

    p.s I am back to blogging! :)


  2. Great post! Loving the colors
    Hope u follow back :)

  3. Look at your swatches, make me start to like this brand. Love the pigments and blush, pretty!

  4. That lipgloss looks diviiiiiiiine :O