Tuesday, 30 August 2011

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Spray

Before using this product from John Frieda, I seriously thought this just wouldn't work whatsoever. I always thought my hair colour was a light brown, but yes my mum who is a qualified hairdresser measured me to her hair colour chart and infact I'm a dark blonde.

John Frieda's Lightening spray is specially for your roots when you want to prolong your blonde hair before making a costly trip to the hairdressers. (I'm lucky my mum does my roots). Or if you're a fair haired girl already and want to go lighter.

On the box it says that it is not suitable medium brown or darker shades of hair. So anything above is fine. 

The spray is applied after freshly washed towel dried hair so it is really easy to do, the product  texture is just like a body mist which you spray to the areas you want to lighten and comb through, then you just style as you normally would do. Apparently the lightening effect works it's best with heat so the norm blowdrying and straightening makes better results. To be honest I rarely ever blowdry my hair, I let my hair air dry after brushing it through in the evening and straighten in the morning.

To be fair in this review I could only use this 3 times because my roots were long already. My hair is just too thick and long for this 100ml bottle to cover the length. So as I'm getting my roots dyed again. I definitely will be spraying this as the roots come in! 

Anyhow the bad thing about this product is you can easily forget to do this and you have to be willing to keep up with it. Results are not straight away. 

RRP is £6.99 and is avaliable in most places from chemists to supermarkets.

 After 3 uses
 It is recommened that you use this product as least 10 times but seriously by these results, for just 3 goes I'm thrilled and will carry on using this product.

Disclaimer- This sample was sent to me by PR for review purposes, this does never mean I will give a false review. All my reviews are always my total honest opinions.


  1. wow! thanks for this review, it's nice to see that it actually works! I must pick it up :)

  2. it's amazing
    does it work on eyebrows ?

  3. Do not even try coloring or bleach after this spray your hair may break off