Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Vampiress Beauty Randomness 25

Max Factor Lipstick in 359 Bordeaux- I have had these lipsticks since I was 13 other than the odd black lips this was the only lip product I used to wear on my lips up until I was 15. I bet you're thinking gross why have you got old lipsticks, but to tell you the truth, these haven't gone bad the slightest. They are still the same pigmented creamy texture as they was in the day, without any taste or scent.
I remember they complemented my dyed jet black hair and pale skin perfectly. I used to go through tubes of them, hence the reason why I still have four left. I'd describe this colour to be a deep but bright blood red with brown undertones. I love the way these last hours and even when it leaves your lips, it leaves a bright red pretty stain.

Where my everyday face and eye brushes live and guess what? I don't own any MAC at all.

Ciate Lipgloss- I can't find the name of the shade anywhere on the product and I didn't know Ciate made lipglosses being a nail company. They were giving away these glosses in every Marie Claire magazine in UK.
The colour is a pale peachy nude with slight reflecting particles and for some reason the colour looks paler than my lips than in my swatch, unpigmented lips are to blame. It smells like luscious vanilla and the gloss is tacky in texture. If you like MAC glosses you'll probably like these.

Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mono Eye Shadow in 400 Royal Violet- Surprisingly I found this at Poundland. So I couldn't say no. It's a beautiful soft satin lilac shade. It's not highly pigmented but definitely better texture than their old style shadows.


  1. My brushes live in a mug as well - an enormous old Darth Vader one! :D

  2. Robyn- Heh heh sounds cool! :D

  3. Oooh I really love that red lipstick! I'm like you, I keep makeup for ages unless it starts to smell or look like it's gone off.