Tuesday, 5 July 2011

BeautyUK Lipstick in 2 Candy

With many things BeautyUK have recently released they've also brung out a line of lipsticks at £2.99 each.
It comes in matte black strong casing, so it does feel there is quality in the packaging. 
Candy is a nicely pigmented matte milky bright pink but with very faint frost, yes weird to describe. 

As soon as you open this tube of lipstick you smell mint, which is rather different for a lipstick, usually lipglosses have this scent, I'm not complaining though as it's really nice. 

However as I said before this lipstick is matte and yes it's incredibly drying. It doesn't glide on it drags on.  So even if your lips are in the best condition, this lipstick is going to show up flaws you didn't even know you had....it may even make them. 

My idea is to use this with other lip products, especially lip balm. (I didn't do this in my lip swatch because I want to show you the real deal)
Still this is a pigmented colour with a lovely scent. Just seriously they could've added a little moisture maybe?

Purchased at Superdrug


  1. Wowwww such a gorgeous shade!!!!

  2. Pretty colour! I don't mind dry lippies since I usually wear balm with them anyway, however, I can't stand the smell of mint in cosmetics :/

  3. I love my beauty uk lippie! Did you know theres actual lipstick in the cap? Crazy! :)

  4. Ooooh, nice! I need to try more of these :D

  5. Argh I hate lipsticks like that - I didn't know I apparently had such awful dry lips until I wore Illamasqua Flare XD

  6. The shade is lovely. Too bad it is not that moisturising.

  7. Rakhshanda- It is just wish it had moisture. :)

    Beauty's Bad Habit- Really? I love it in lip products. ^_^

    Sepia_Raven- Ooo I know, I don't think many people know though. They also have the same going on in MUA & NYX round lipsticks. <3

    Robyn- I want to try some others to see if they're all this dry but I do really love the pigmentation. x

    SilhouetteScreams- I think this has to be the most drying lipstick I've ever tried. x

    Shang J.- Yeah, It'll be fine with lip balm but then again it can be hassle to someone who wants a quick lip. :)