Monday, 27 June 2011

~*Kiko Make Up Milano*~

Before I start that's my thumb that got in the way, and I couldn't crop it out opps!
I was lucky enough to recieve these from my lil sis who picked these out for me without me knowing, on her trip to Rome with the school. She definitely has good taste me thinks. :)

As far as I know Kiko Make Up is only sold within Italy and they have their own standing stores like MAC.
It seems be quaility!
Soft Touch Blush in 104- A beautiful solid deepened cool toned pink with light shimmers . Look how intense it is with the one swipe swatch, so do be light handed with this. The product is extremely smooth and silky soft, this glides on.  It's incased in a easy to open quality compact with a mirror, the material used for the packaging is the same as NARS so it will attract dirt but overall the quality is outstanding.

Nail Lacquer in 335- It's an intense deep but piercingly bright jelly blue. I'll try to get a nail swatch done for you on my next mani.

This was a GIFT 


  1. That blush looks pretty hot! =D

  2. I just did a beauty exchange with a French blogger who got me some Kiko nail polishes they are fab!

  3. They both look great! I love hearing of brands I've not heard of before so I have a CP list, ha ha!

  4. My parents brought me back some Kiko from Rome and I am loving it! For the price of drugstore here it is really great. I think I have that nail polish!
    As far as I can see on their website they have some stores elsewhere in mainland Europe, there is one in Paris I'm going to check out when I'm there this summer :)

  5. That is *exactly* my kind of blush! :D

  6. VijiiS- It is! :D

    Skin Scrubs- I just looked on their website and they have a ton of colours. :) x

    Robyn- Tell me about it, you always end up loving/wanting things that aren't local to you. x

    JadeyLou- I didn't know that, well that's better because France is right next to us. <3

    SilhouetteScreams- It's something isn't it? ^_^

  7. The packaging of the blush is so nice...reminds me of Becca.

  8. I tagged you on Top 10 award @