Monday, 6 June 2011

Accessorize With Love Set *Bargain*

Saw these while browsing through a more distant Superdrug and there was a whole basket of these Accessorize sets at £2.79!

Anyhow it comes with a pair of false eyelashes (Which I probably won't use, I'm scared of wearing falsies), 1 Lipgloss and a eye palette called 'Eye Wardrobe'

Eye Wardrobe-  Is infact very pretty, the colours are all very well pigmented apart from only a few that aren't as descent. All have a very soft texture and most have a irisdescent shimmery finish. I'm really impressed to say the least.
The casing is exactly the same size as Sleek palettes, they also have the same applicator, shadow size and number of them. to add to that they have a mirror too.

Lipgloss- Nope this one does not come with a name, I'd describe it has a very pigmented glittery shimmery warm rose pink.
It comes in a squeeze tube with a slanted tip. I have to be careful when squeezing this as you end up getting too much product. The texture is none sticky but you can feel the glitters, saying that I have felt worse glitters. It does have a ugly cheap plastic vanilla smell about it, one that reminds me of those unbranded lipglosses I remember getting with teen magazines. Lasts fairly well but once it's gone you are left with all the little glitters from the gloss.

 ^Top Row and below Bottom Row swatches

Purchased at Superdrug


  1. Woooow! Looks so nice! ♥ Love the gloss! And the palette is so nice!

  2. Wow for that price, what a steal! :D

  3. The palette looks so, so pretty! Fab bargain :)

  4. What an awesome deal! The lipgloss looks great and the eyeshadows....I want them!