Tuesday, 17 May 2011

BeautyUK Eyes Baked Eyeshadow in 1 Midnight

As you may know already BeautyUK have released a bunch of new products. Including baked eyeshadows, I decided I'd try one out, I went with the colours I always use 24/7! I always hit pan on white and black shadows.

It's quite a chunky compact and for £3.99  I didn't expect much in terms of the product itself but I was pleasantly surprised. The shadow is very smooth and the descent pigment is easy to pick up to apply. 

'Midnight' Is a trio of black, grey and white all with soft shimmers.

The strangest thing about this product is on the back there's a bar, which I gently tugged on to reveal a push-up  unneeded, small, scratchy blush brush? Oooookay! Please tell me why I'd need this for my eyeshadows yet alone in a blush?

Other than that bit of weirdness I'd recommend it. :)

Purchased at Superdrug


  1. I haven't seen these before so I'll take a look when I'm in Superdrug next. How odd about the brush! x

  2. oh I love it! though the brush is kinda odd. hehe

  3. Strange brush for shadows!

  4. Knew I wouldn't be the only one that thought the brush was 'different' lol :D x