Thursday, 26 May 2011

Avon Colortrend Kiss 'N Go Lipstick in Iced Champink

Love the texture and yummy vanilla smell of the Avon Colortrend lipsticks, but all in all the ones I've tried haven't been pigmented enough. Sequin was sheer which I did a review here. This one is a lot more sheerer!

Infact it comes out like a sheer frosty highlighter on the lips, I suppose I'll use it as a lip highlighter, with other lip products. Wearing it on it's own will just bring out every single flaw and cling to the natural creases on your lips which isn't a nice look. There's much more white than pink in Iced Champink. Avon don't really give good swatches so it's a luck of a draw.

At £3.50 I'm just really curious on how the darker shades in this line come out. Still other than that I'd seriously avoid this shade. Unless of course you need a lip highlighter.

Purchased at Avon


  1. Oh my I'm a dork, I thought the colour said "Iced Chipmunk" :D Very pretty pink!

  2. Am in love with how Iced Champink looks on you!!!! Gotta check out Avon for the other colours and thank you so much for the through review. I'm partial towards sheerer lippies so this will be right up my alley ^^

  3. This is my favourite color :)