Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sally Hansen Sculpt & Shape Maximum Definition Lip Color in Rococo

I saw these Sally Hansen lipsticks while making an order from FragranceDirect, at £1.99 why not?
I purchased the shade 'Rococo' which is a opaque deep brownish blood red and a cream finish. The first thing I noticed about this lipstick is the fact that the casing looks like some kind of gold spaceship! While it's on the unique side it really isn't pratical at all, as when you twist the lipstick bullet it only goes half way down so you end up having to dodge it while putting the lid back on.

As this lipstick claims the staying power is pretty good, especially since the lipstick is so shiny. I definitely feel the moisturising properties. Now for those of you that do not like scented lip products, beware this is really strongly scented. Now while I like a nice scent, I don't think I like this one at all. It's a very sickly vanilla smell, not like MAC lipsticks, one that makes you feel like you've had a big chocolate binge and you're now paying for it. I'm thinking diet aid haha! :)

While there's quite a few downsides to it, I don't think it's that bad. If you like some unusual makeup this might be for you.

Purchased at FragranceDirect


  1. That colour is really shiny a bit to dark for me but looks lovely on you x

  2. looks beautiful on your lips..love it.

  3. I actually really like most of Sally Hansens stuff, will definately keep an eye out for this one! Beautiful!

  4. xmisslorix- Thank you, :-*

    Rakshanda- Aw, thanks :D

    Aoife- I can imagine this colour looking fab on you :O x