Monday, 4 April 2011

A Peek Into My Lip Balm Drawer

I'm a lip balm addict and a hoarder and I should probably toss a few of these as some of them have probably gone bad but I do use more than I waste which is a good thing I suppose.

I just love the feel of this stuff on my lips, come on spill who loves lip balm too? :)


  1. wow that's a huge collection, I'm sure I have a lot. they are dotting around in different draw's and in bags. They are a must have, I forever am asked by mates if I have some.

  2. I've got loads too, I did a post back in January asking what format people preferred. I'm sucker for cute tins and I've got a few lip balms that are utter rubbish but the tins make up for it.

    You seem to like variety like me - a girl needs choices! :)

  3. Vintage and Cake- I bet if you gather them all together you'd be surprised. :D

    Hungover on Fashion- It's an addiction and I can't see myself stopping lol. XD

    Skin Scrubs- I love variety! At one point I hated lip balms in tins and suddenly they just grew on me. Though I'd prefer to take a stick format when out and about for hygiene reasons. :) x