Wednesday, 20 April 2011

NYX Long Lip Pencils

Lip pencils are good for a lot of things, making lipstick stay longer, aids a clean lip colour application and ease of changing lip colour by for example doing two tone graduating lips.
These NYX lip pencils are around 7inches and are obviously longer than the average lip pencil, making them last longer but the main thing is the quality being scarificed? To me not at all, I find that they have just the right texture being not too creamy but not too hard and scratchy either.

I purchased 3 shades which are all vampy tones

Deep Purple- A deep reddish blackened berry not really purple
Prune- A muted fig colour
Current- Much like 'Deep Purple' but with muted brown red tones.

Purchased at FragranceDirect


  1. Deep Purple looks really really nice!

  2. They are really nice colours, I need to get some more lipliners, they look really pigmented too x

  3. Awwww they look lovely!! I have Plush Red, Natural and Pinky and I really like them :) But now I want the ones you have as well. They will be perfect for fall and winter! :) x

  4. I absolutely love those colours - I will have to order some!

  5. love the look of these :)
    I wish nyx was easierto get in englang - great review!! x

  6. I really like those shades so vampy I really need to shake up my make up! Youre always so creative :) x

  7. Those pencils are very good...I have them in "Natural", "Nutmeg" and "Pinky"...if you want to see the colors check out my blog!