Tuesday, 22 March 2011

*~Etude House VIP Darling Miss Tangerine Lipsticks~*

The 'Miss Tangerine' the latest collection from Etude House and I managed to find these on Ebay for around £7.00 each which is not too bad in my opinion.The collection includes lots of peaches and oranges from lip tints to cheek balls. I purchased both the VIP lipsticks from the collection. 

Although the packaging is bursting with prettiness it's not the only thing you will notice. Both these lipsticks are scented with....yes 'tangerine' and yet it's a really realistic smell of an just peeled tangerine. The scent is gorgeous but there isn't no taste and I'd prefer it that way. :)

The texture is amazing and it glides on like butter, being opaque and moisturising is always a bonus.  Both have a cream finish. I'm also pleased to announce that these lipsticks lasted through a cup of coffee. The only negative point I have about Etude's lipsticks is the fact that they're only available in Asian countries and why can't we have pretty packaging like this in the UK?

0R205- A creamy bright peachy lighter side of orange
0R207- Bold out there tangerine orange

Both of these shades are much brighter in real life, just I think my camera hates bright toned lip swatches.

Purchased at Ebay


  1. they're gorgeous! i might have to look them up, i've never heard of this company before but those lippies look amazing xx

  2. Oh, wow, I love both of these, I'm a sucker for orange lipsticks! I'll have to have a little hunt for these I think!

  3. CarmenSays- They're a Korean brand I always fall for, I love all their products that I've tried so far. :D

    Robyn- Pretty packaging makes it nice too. :)

  4. The first ttrought i got when I saw the pictures of the boxes was chocolate. When i saw the swatches was in love with this colors. The are are really cool and not too nude, thats sometimes can make people look very pale sick

  5. Maria- Looking at them they do look like boxes of chocolate-orange! :) x

  6. The second shade is my favorite..I've been looking for such a shade for the longest time. I don't know why it's so hard to find orange lip products in the USA that aren't too pink, too peach or too red. I'm a makeup newbie so maybe MAC has similar shades, but I like to try a different brand. Thanks for swatches..very helpful.