Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Etude House Marble Marble in 1 Ultra Super Hue

This is 1 of 3 shades of the 'Marble Marble' blush from Etude House, which is obviously the highlight colour. These only seem to be listed on the Korean and Japanese website and not the English they don't seem to list the full range on there. I managed to come across this on Ebay and only payed around £3.00 for it including shipping, (had Ebay points saved).  Without that it would of come over £10.00 + 

Anyhow I'm so glad to own it because I think it's a wonderful product. It comes in a dome windowed shiny black compact hence the fingerprints and isn't as pretty as most Etude House products, though the product inside really makes up for that.

It's of course a baked product and kind of looks like swirled ice-cream in the pan with a all over icy white base with pink and blue swirls. The product itself is really pigmented so a little goes a long way the pink and blue tones don't show up but I was hoping for that. The product is a very hard texture in the pan and this means no fall out mess when you swirl your brush around, but it's a smooth texture on the skin.

Purchased at Ebay


  1. i agree with you! etude house's baked products seem so hard and rough in the pan but is smooth and silky when applied on the skin. :3 great review, btw! ^__^

  2. Oh my goodness I love this! What a great highlight!

  3. sugar sugar- Thank you! x

    Snooglerat- You must try it. :)